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Ankle Fracture Specialist in New York, NY

Ankle fracture is a condition where there is a break in one or more bones forming the ankle joint. It occurs from excessive rolling and twisting of the ankle often resulting in swelling, severe pain around the ankle and impaired mobility. Dr. Litrenta provides expert diagnosis and individualized non-operative and operative treatments for ankle fractures in New York, NY. Contact Dr. Litrenta’s team for an appointment today!

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Ankle injuries are a common concern, including ankle sprains or suspected “growth-plate fractures”.


What to Expect . . .

7 – 10 days

These injuries can be treated with a boot, ankle brace, or a walking cast. Crutches can be used if walking is painful.

As soon as it is comfortable, be sure to remove the boot or brace, and begin rehabilitative exercises. This includes “writing the alphabet with your foot” both with the toe touching the floor and in the air. These exercises help regain range of motion and help retrain your brain in a sense called “proprioception”, which means the awareness of your body’s movements and ability to protect yourself from injury.

10 – 14 days

Transition to wearing a lace-up ankle brace, or just a comfortable shoe. Progress to doing strengthening exercises. Balance on one foot (hold on to something at first if you need to!), and do single-legged squats

Week 2 – 4

Progress at your own rate to perform all daily activities without wearing a brace, to regain strength and flexibility. Continue the exercises, including range of motion, writing the alphabet, and single legged squats.

Return to Sports

You may return to sports if you are comfortable:

  • Walking, climbing stairs, and doing light running in a regular shoe.
  • Performing 10 single-legged squats on your injured ankle.

**Every patient and every fracture is different. If you’re feeling good, it’s safe to progress through these steps a little faster. If you’re not feeling ready, that’s also normal and you add a few days to each step.**

If you would like to have additional information on the treatment of ankle fractures, please contact Dr. Litrenta, serving the communities of New York, NY.